Episode 33

Published on:

6th Dec 2022

Entrepreneurship Wisdom from Kenzie Biggins

In today's episode of High Growth Founders, Kasey chats with Kenzie Biggins, CEO and visionary of Worxbee. Kenzie is passionate about empowering executive assistants and the executives they support them. She will share how her dyslexia diagnosis at the age of 39 completely changed the game for her and her understanding of how she works and thinks. You will discover the limitations that corporate America and the education system have when it comes to accommodating everyone's unique abilities. You will learn about the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and how Kenzie discovered it. You will learn why she believes an entrepreneur trust workshop is necessary. She will also talk about her "golden rule" for entrepreneurship as well as her most difficult lesson. Both Kasey and Kenzie will share their thoughts on whether you're failing if you do not get promoted regularly.

Kenzie will talk about how moving from Atlanta to Greenville has opened up incredible opportunities for her. She will also discuss her feature in the Wall Street Journal and her interview on 60 Minutes. You will learn how she changed her mind about VC investing mindset shift and how the How I Built This podcast influenced her. They will talk about the challenges black women-owned businesses face in getting funding. Kenzie will reveal her #1 resource that has been critical to her growth as a founder.

Join Kasey and Kenzie for this thought-provoking conversation about entrepreneurship, self-awareness, and sexism in the corporate world.


What You Will Learn in this Show:

  • A look into Kenzie's company, Worxbee, and what it does.
  • How important it is to have an implementer in your business.
  • Why life, especially entrepreneurship, is so much like high school
  • How do we make it so an entrepreneur can take time off?
  • Why Kenzie moved to Greenville, South Carolina, of all places.
  • How important it is for entrepreneurs to build an authentic culture.
  • What Kenzie is most grateful as a founder 
  • And so much more...


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